Leader Training


  New Leader Training

To become a trained leader, you must be registered with the Boy Scouts of America and meet the requirements for your position.  Brief descriptions that you will need to become a trained leader is below. A list requirements for your position to be consider trained click here 


Also here so great steps to becoming a train leader. Please click Best Train Leader for those steps.


This is Scouting (formerly New Leader Essentials) helps with developing an understanding of Scouting goals, organization and programs. This training is the starting point and a required component to be considered a trained Cub Scout, Boy Scout  or Venturer leader. This training is available online. However, you may complete this with your leader specific training for your position in the organization. (Take Training Online Now!)


Youth Protection

Youth Protection
Youth Protection Training is offered online through the Boy Scouts of America National Website. Their training site is interactive and you can go at your own pace. The minimum amount of time to take the training is approximately 30-40 minutes. (Take Training Online Now!)


Cub Scout Leader Training

Cub Scout Leader Training is designed for the den leader, assistant den leader, Cubmaster, assistant Cubmaster and committee member. This training can be completed in a classroom setting or online.

To take the training in a classroom, you would need to contact Thresa Read at tsreadal@yahoo.com or visit the for Greater Alabama Council Training Calender to find training in your area
Cub Scout Leader Training is also available online. (Take Training Online Now!)

Boy Scout Leader Training

Boy Scout Leader Training is divided into Scoutmaster/Assistant Scoutmaster (SM/ASM) Training and Troop Committee Training. Contact your  tsreadal@yahoo.com or visit the Greater Alabama Council Training Calender for Training in your area


The SM/ASM Training is only available through a classroom setting. Each district does their training schedule different. Most of them do the training over a few different weekends.
Troop Committee training is for Troop Committee Members. This session may be included in conjunction with the SM/ASM training. This training is also available online. (Take Training Online Now!)

Introduction to Outdoor Skills is an overnight camp-out training and is part of SM/ASM training. Contact your tsreadal@yahoo.com or visit the forGreater Alabama Council Training Calender for training in your area.