Shelby District Fall Camporee

10/16/09 - 10/16/09

2009 Shelby District Fall Camporee


"Trail to Eagle"

October 16-18, 2009

Brierfield State Park (

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The Shelby District Camporee is the ONLY opportunity in the year to bring ALL the Troops (and hopefully Crews) together at one time. In addition, it is a wonderful opportunity to expose the Webelos Scouts to the wonders and magic of Boy Scouting, helping retain these youth in the Scouting program and building the future ranks of Troops.

The Camporee offers us the chance to teach, learn, share, compete and enjoy fellowship with other members of the BSA and Shelby County. It is an excellent opportunity to see how your Troop does things vs. other Troops in the District, gather new ideas, improve Scout skills, and offer training topics for upcoming Troop meetings. Anyone who thinks the main purpose of the Camporee is to establish which Troop or Patrol is the


is unfortunately missing the real benefits that the Camporee has to offer.

The Shelby District Camporee Staff's main objective is to offer a safe, fun, enlightening experience for all the Boy Scouts, Crew Members, Webelos and Adult Volunteers in Shelby District. To that end, we always welcome feedback and suggestions on how we can improve the Camporee. Please forward all feedback to Steve Ware @ sware(at)

Boy Scouts 

Patrol Competition

28 competitive events for patrol competition that will test Scouting skills, teamwork, problem solving skills and knowledge of Merit Badges on the "Trail to Eagle".

Troop Competition

Points awarded for Gateways, Campsite Inspections, On-time and meeting participation, and other areas that will contribute to the success of the Camporee.


Activity Badges - TBA

  • Jamboree on the Air (J.O.T.A.), Jamboree on the Internet (J.O.T.I.)
  • 5th Grade Webelos and Cub Leaders may camp with a sponsoring Troop Saturday night

Registration Deadline - Friday, October 9, 2009

Registration forms are included in the Guidebook in PDF format


Boy Scouts and Leaders - $20.00 each*



& 5


Grade Webelos and Leaders - $15.00 each*

Webelos parents for Saturday only - $5.00 each (patch not included)

*Includes Official 2009 Shelby District Camporee Patch

Major New Enhancements for 2009

  • J.O.T.I. - Jamboree on the Internet added to J.O.T.A. (Jamboree on the Air) - several computers will be set up that will enhance the JOTA experience and allow contact with many other Scout Units throughout the world.
  • Saturday Evening Campfire Program - In past years, several small campfires were held. This year, the Order of the Arrow (OA), Shelby Chapter, will host our Campfire program. Plans are underway for a sound system so all will be able to hear and the Event Field offers a natural Amphitheater setting so all should have clear sight lines. The OA will run the program and provide some of the entertainment, but the top 5 skits and top 5 songs from the days competitions will also be performed, and possibly some skits/songs will be offered from our Webelos guests. We are asking that ALL members of the OA wear their sashes on Saturday evening. This should be an exciting, fun program. Recommended that you bring a folding chair or blanket for sitting upon the ground.
  • Troop competition scoring will include a component based upon percentage of registered Scouts attending. This is our only opportunity of the year to get all of our Boy Scouts together at one time, and we really want to emphasize attendance. Maximum points for this component are 100. Example - Troop has only 50% of registered Scouts attend the Camporee. Troop total score for this one component is 50! Provisions for late arrivals due to football, band and cheerleading will be in place.

Arrival and Check In

Scout Troops may arrive between 4:00 PM and 8:00 PM Friday. Troops must check in with Camporee staff to complete registration and receive campsite assignments. Campsites will be pre-assigned by the staff based on pre-registration numbers (be sure to include estimated number of Webelos and parents that will be camping Saturday night to ensure enough space). After check in, you will be allowed to drive one or two vehicles (with trailer) to your campsite to unload equipment. All vehicles must be removed from the Campgrounds and parked in the parking lots as soon as equipment is unloaded. Troops must set up within their assigned area and construct their gateway facing Main Street. Gateways must be free standing - no holes may be dug in the campground area.


There will be


in campsites. Charcoal fires may be used provided they be up off the ground in an appropriate grill and the ashes are properly disposed after the event (may not be dumped on the ground!).

Saturday Evening Campfire

The Order of the Arrow (OA), Shelby Chapter, will host the evening campfire. All members of the OA are encouraged to wear their sashes and participate if selected by the OA staff. The campfire site for Saturday night will be assigned by the staff and will be located away from the main camping area. Patrols with the top 5 scores in the Skit and Song competitions during the day Saturday will be requested to perform those same skits and songs at the campfire and their Troop will be awarded points for the Troop Competition. Webelos may also have a competition during the day Saturday and if so, will also have some entries in the evening Campfire.


Trash disposal is the responsibility of each Troop. BAG IT AND TAKE IT


Proper Uniforming

Class A uniforms are required for all Scouts and Leaders when arriving and departing the Camporee as well as attendance at the Campfire Programs Saturday night and the Sunday Worship Service. At all other times, a Class B uniform is in order. Points for the Troop competition are awarded for proper uniforming.


Download the Guidebook in PDF format