*Boy Scout Outdoor Training (OLS)

11/01/14 - 11/01/14


(Click here for flyer and registration form) 

What:  IOLS weekend session (Boy Scout Outdoor Training)

Where:  Camp Tekawitha in Springville, AL,

When:  Saturday, November 1st at 8:00a.m. and concluding on Sunday November 2nd at 3:00p.m.


Cost:  The fee for the IOLS session is $20.00, which includes all materials for this session. However your meals will be by patrol, so plan on an additional cost based on your patrol menu plan. 

Online registration is available at (http://www.vulcandistrict.com/adult-training/) or you may register manually by completing the attached registration form and faxing to (205) 970-0349. 

The registration deadline for this IOLS session is October 15th 2014. 

At this training, you will be immersed in the role of a typical “new scout” and will be placed in a patrol of other leaders. While in this patrol, you will experience the catalyst of scouting, which is “the patrol method”. This session involves a great deal of learning in the field rather than in a class room setting. Emphasis will be on learning practical Scouting skills that will prepare you to lead an outdoor scouting experience for your troop. You will constantly be working hands on, with the outdoor skills needed to pass off a scout from Tenderfoot to first Class. This weekend has always proven to be fun, exciting, and very important in discovering what the “Scouting Spirit” is all about.

 Questions please contact:

Dean Snow-Vulcan District Training Chairman

205-617-3820 (C)