National Youth Leadership Training-Session 2

02/18/11 - 02/18/11

 2011 Winter Session - National Youth Leadership Training-


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Greater Alabama Council


What is NYLT? National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) is a six-day outdoor training course for senior youth leaders in the Boy Scouting or the Venturing programs.  This winter session will be held on two three-day weekends.  NYLT augments the training received from Troop Leadership Training (TLT) or the Venturing Leadership Skills Course (VLSC) focusing on the skills needed by Senior Patrol Leaders, Presidents and Boatswains. The course is led by a volunteer staff of youth and adults experienced in training youth leaders.


Is NYLT like Winter Fest; are merit badges available?  No, NYLT is NOT for rank advancement or earning merit badges. It is leadership training in an outdoor setting.  Because NYLT is an intensive training experience, participants should possess sufficient maturity, judgment and leadership potential to successfully complete the program.  Each participant will be evaluated during the course on their Attitude (Be), Knowledge (Know) and Skills (Do).


What is its purpose? The purpose of NYLT is to support the training of the senior youth leaders in your unit, not replace it. This training builds on the lessons in TLT and VLSC.  Some of its objectives are:


• To focus on the concepts of what a leader must BE, what he must KNOW, and what he must DO.

• To emphasize immediate application of learning in a fun environment.

• To model a month in the life of an “ideal” unit.

• To provide each participant with a toolbox of leadership skills.

• To operate according to the Scout Oath and Law.

• To have fun!


Who may attend? NYLT participants must be at least 13 years old, have at least one week-long camping experience and have been in Scouting for a minimum of one year before the course begins.  Participants must also be proficient in camping and cooking skills and for Boy Scouts, have mastered the skills required for First Class and attained that rank.  Scouts should also be currently serving in a senior leadership positions within the unit (SPL, Pres., B'sun and their assistants) or likely to do so in the near future.


What do I need to bring? Your regular Boy Scout or Venturing field uniform is the official uniform of NYLT. You will also need gear for a weekend of winter camping.  You will receive a detail equipment list upon registration. Food and cooking gear are provided as well as a T-shirt, hat, pen and notebook.   NYLT is operated in accordance with the National Health Standards of the Boy Scouts of America.  All participants must be approved by their doctor within one year prior to the start of NYLT, using new Annual Health and Medical Record form and bring it with them to registration.  A participant will not be allowed to begin the course without a current Annual Health and Medical Record form on file. 


What is the Cost? The cost of the course is $210.00.   $50.00 deposit will reserve a place in the course until December 10, 2010, then full payment and a completed application form are due.  Attendance is limited to 48 Scouts, if more reservations are received, the first 48 acceptable applications with full payment will be chosen.  Deposits will be returned to Scouts who are not accepted. 


Because of the benefits of this training to the unit, it is highly recommended that the unit consider paying part or all of the participant’s fee.  Make checks payable to: Greater Alabama Council, B.S.A.  You can submit applications and payments by mail or at either Scout Office: 


Greater Alabama Council, B.S.A  Birmingham  Huntsville

P.O. Box 43307 516 Liberty Parkway 2211 Drake Avenue 

Birmingham, AL 35243 Birmingham, Alabama 35242  Huntsville, Alabama 35805

Acct. #1-6801-681-20 Phone: 205-970-0251  Phone: 256-883-7071

Fax: 205-970-0349  Fax: 256-883-2193

1-888-490-8955 1-888-301-8756


If you have any questions about NYLT please contact: 


Bill Hanson, Winter Session Course Director       256-426-1336        E-mail:


Application for an Invitation to Participate in NYLT

Winter Session (9am 15Jan11 - 4pm 17Jan11  &  8pm 18Feb11 - 3pm 21Feb11)

Camp Comer, Greater Alabama Council




Name___________________________________________________________  Nickname _______________________________ 


Address__________________________________________ City_______________________ State______  Zip_______________ 


Phone (           )_______________________       Age_______       Gender:   Male  Female  School Grade ________  


Rank/Award__________________________    Unit Position_____________________________       Years In Scouting _______  


Unit:  Troop     Crew     Ship  #_________    District (or Council if outside of GAC)______________________________


Email___________________________________________________ May we send E-mail instead of regular mail?  Yes   No 


Adult T-Shirt Size (Circle One)    S     M     L     XL     XXL 


Explain briefly why you want to attend NYLT and what you expect to gain ____________________________________________








On my honor as a Scout, I will faithfully live and act the Scout Oath and Law while I attend NYLT.  I further promise to represent my Unit with honor and promise to pass along my new skills and knowledge to the other members of my Unit when I return from NYLT.   I have provided this information to the best of my ability.  I have read the NYLT Uniforming Policy and Mandatory Personal Equipment List and agree to comply with all these requirements.  I understand that I should arrive at camp on time and may not leave camp during the week.  I understand that I can be sent home if I don’t follow these policies. 



Scout's Signature_____________________________________________________   Date: ________________





Name:__________________________________________________  Phone (            )_______________________ 


Email: _____________________________________________________


I affirm that the Scout I am nominating to attend NYLT will be at least 13 years old by the start of the course and has the maturity to benefit from the course.  This Scout is currently serving in a senior leadership positions or expected to be doing so shortly.  He/she is proficient in camping and cooking skills and if a Boy Scout, has mastered all of the skills of a First Class Scout and has attained that rank.  He/she has completed Troop Leadership Training or the Venturing Leadership Skills Course or will before the course starts.  I have read and reviewed this Scout's application and find the information to be accurate and complete.



Unit Leader Signature: ________________________________________________ Date: _______________


Record of Payments (Total Cost - $210)


Deposit ($50.00 min.) .................................. $______________

Final Payment (Due by 12/ 10/10) .............. $______________


Total Paid .................................................... $______________