District Committee Workshop

12/11/10 - 12/11/10

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WHO:  District Chairmen, Vice Chairmen and New Unit Organizers, committee chairs, members of District Membership, Finance and Training committees, members of Camping Promotion and Outdoor Committees, District Activities and Civil Service Committees and District Advancement and Recognition Committees. 


WHAT: District Committee Workshop

WHEN: December 11, 2010

10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


WHERE: Scout Service Center

516 Liberty Parkway

Birmingham, Alabama 35242

WHY:More than just basic training for district Scouters, the District Committee Workshop offers insight into how to create a successful district.  This training helps you and your district committee start its year as a focused, well-coordinated group of Scouters better prepared to achieve the mission of the district and council.  


Whether you are already a district volunteer or are new to the job, this training will show you what your responsibilities are on the District Committee or your district project team.  Experienced volunteers and professional Scouters will lead sessions that also explore how to work together and accomplish these responsibilities.   Plus, you will have the chance to build relationships that could help you as a district volunteer.

Cost: No fee to attend, $5.00 for lunch or you may brown bag it.


Name: ______________________________________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________ City, State, Zip: __________________________

Phone Number: __________________________ District: ________________________________

Email: _______________________________________________________________________________

Position on District Committee: ___________________________________________________________

Lunch $5.00 _____ Yes _____ No

Account Number 1-8103-000-20

Please forward the registration and fee (if buying lunch) to the District Committee Workshop, Greater Alabama Council, ATTN: Clay Pruitt, P.O. Box 43307, Birmingham, AL 35243 and send a copy to your District Training Chair.