*Trainers EDGE Course

02/12/11 - 02/12/11

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Trainer’s EDGE Course February 2011

When:Saturday, February 12, 2011; check-in begins at 8AM, course ends at 5PM 

Where:Fellowship hall at Helena United Methodist Church, 2035 Hwy 58, Helena, AL 35080

Cost:$5 course fee, plus $5 for lunch (pizza), snacks, and drinks, plus $10 for neckerchief (if you don’t have one)

Why:Because every Scout deserves a trained leader

Deadline:Registration form and fees must be received by Friday, February 4, 2011

Questions:Larry Lee, Course Director, at larryilee@bellsouth.net, OR, Clay Pruitt, Field Director Central Program, at cpruitt@bsamail.org (205) 969-4264

So, what is Trainer’s EDGE and how can the course benefit my Scouts?

Trainer's EDGE is BSA's latest version of the Training Conference that instructs leaders on better ways of making presentations at trainings and allows the participants to practice the EDGE training model (Explain, Demonstrate Guide & Enable) and gain self-confidence through hands-on training experiences. This course replaces the Trainer Development Conference (TDC). Essentially, it teaches you how to train other Scouts and Scouters.


Trainer's EDGE brings to life the EDGE model taught in Troop Leadership Training, Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster Specific Training, National Youth Leadership Training, and Wood Badge. Participants are given an opportunity to prepare and practice a training session of their choice, using materials, equipment, and/or props that they bring with them to the course.


Key Modules are Communicating, Logistics, Media, Methods, Directing Traffic and Thoughts. Presenting is important, but a good trainer is more than a good presenter. A good trainer imparts knowledge, attitudes, & behaviors in a training session. A syllabus is only words on a page, but the trainer brings it to life! Learn how to keep it fun and keep the energy level high. Get simple tools for managing situations with Body Language. Learn how to manage questions for Effective Training. Learn Stages and Training Methods – The EDGE Model. Participants should include those individuals that will be delivering training to adults and youth leaders in all parts of the Scouting program:

University of Scouting instructors, District and Council trainers, Roundtable staff Unit trainers – Pack, Troop, Varsity and Venture/Venturing trainers, Commissioner trainers, NYLT & Wood Badge staff (required!), Order of the Arrow trainers, and all Scouters interested in improving their training & presentation skills!

After the training, you will be issued a certificate, a yellow Trainer’s neckerchief (upon payment) and the honor of being trained under the latest trainer’s conference! The Trainer’s neckerchief is worn when you are training at a unit level, district level, or council level.

REQUIRED WORK BEFORE THE COURSE: Prior to the course, you will be required to write a 10 minute presentation about a Scouting topic of your choice in either Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, Venturing, or Varsity Scouts and bring it to the course. The presentation can be teaching a specific skill or presentation of a broad topic, such as uniforming, advancement, high adventure, or camping. Use your Scout handbook of the program you are familiar to gather ideas and facts for your presentation. You are also encouraged to use any combination of media to present your points (flip charts, handouts, white board, posters, Power Point, etc.).We will teach you methods, tips, and techniques on making effective presentations during the first-half of the course. Later in the afternoon, you will be given a few minutes to review your presentation to see if you can incorporate any of these techniques and make any modifications to your presentation. Then you will present your topic to a group of 6 participants and your Team Leader in your preassigned patrol who will then offer you feedback and thoughts on how to improve your presentation. Approach the presentation like you would with a group of Scouters in your unit or district who are anxious to hear what you will teach them. Low stress, have fun, and involve your group! Please bring whatever equipment, handouts, and materials you need for your presentation. None of these materials or audio-visual equipment and computers will be available.


TO REGISTER: Complete the registration form below, MAKE A COPY and mail it with your fees to The Greater Alabama Council at the address below AND email a copy of the registration form to Larry Lee at larryilee@bellsouth.net or mail it to: Larry Lee, 279 Kensington Lane, Alabaster, AL 35007. You will receive more information upon receipt of your registration form and fees.


Helena United Methodist Church, 2535 Hwy 58, Helena, Alabama 35080 Course Date February 12, 2011 Larry Lee, Course Director larryilee@bellsouth.net


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Course Fee $ 5.00 Lunch ($5) Yes___ No___ $________ Course Neckerchief ($10) Yes___ No___ $________ TOTAL DUE $________

Mail registration form and check (payable to The Greater Alabama Council) to:


Trainer’s EDGE Course Greater Alabama Council P.O. Box 43307 Birmingham, AL 35243

Council Office, use account # 1-6801-676-20

DEADLINE TO REGISTER: Friday, February 4, 2011