*Intro. to Outdoor Leader Skills

04/03/11 - 04/03/11

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What:  Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills

When:  April 1-3

Where:  Camp Sequoyah

Cost:  $15

Why:  We will prove it to you as we utilize the patrol method as adults to gain a better understanding of what we expect of the boys in our units. You will begin to understand Fire Building, Camp Site Selection, Leave No Trace, Ropes & Knots, Wood Tools, Cooking, First Aid, Plant Identification, Animal Identification, Maps & Compasses, Packing & Hiking and anything else we can think to tell you! All for the low cost of $15.00 + your meals.

For more information or to register please contact:

Mr. Chris White, Scoutmaster for ITOLS:  chriswhite1231971@gmail.com

Dr. George Cline, Senior Patrol Leader for ITOLS:  gcline@jsu.edu